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About Us

Our Founder
Patriotic Pennants was started by an old A3, A4, and F8 Driver. After retiring from the Navy, Commander Howard "Nick" Nickerson did what many pilots do- He purchased a boat. Eager to impress the girls, he wanted to show that he was a Navy Tailhook Aviator. He searched for a pennant with his Navy Wings and Tailhook but could not find a quality pennant. Commander Nickerson contacted a pennant manufacturer and had one made to his specifications. What differentiates our pennants is that they are Embroidered, not screen printed. Wherever he traveled, people wanted his Tailhook pennant. So Nick, recently retired from 26 years from Northwest Airlines and nothing better to do, made a bunch of Tailhook Naval Aviator pennants.

Soon, he was getting requests from Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines. The rest, as they say, is history.

If there is a pennant that you want, let us know. Our design department can customize the perfect pennant for you.